Definition = stria / Pronounced strai-uh

The medical term for a stretch mark – a stripe or line on the skin distinguished from the surrounding area by colour, texture, or elevation.

Your solution to stretch marks

Striā Lab is a modern, science-led skincare brand on a mission to offer curative solutions to stretch marks.

That’s why our products are powered by TECA™, the only ingredient clinically proven in peer-reviewed journals to both prevent and minimise the appearance of stretch marks.

But when it comes to the efficacy of our products, we don’t stop there. We use clinically-proven ingredients at high-performing doses (doses we’re completely transparent about); our products are backed by a board-certified dermatologist; and we rigorously test our products.

In fact, we’re so confident in the performance of our products, we offer a 90-day moneyback guarantee. No questions asked.

Our formulas are also clean, vegan, cruelty-free and kind-to-the-planet, but they’re just hygiene factors to us – things all good companies should do.

Our ingredients are responsibly sourced and our formulas are free from any contentious ingredients, like parabens. Plus, our tubes are made from recycled plastic, and we’re working towards making all our packaging infinitely recyclable.

stretch mark treatment

OUR story

At 35 weeks pregnant, Madeline saw her first stretch marks. And they grew so rapidly that by the time she gave birth, she had “a map of the world etched across her stomach”. Five weeks later and Meg - who was also pregnant - found herself in the same boat.

Looking in the mirror for the first time after giving birth was a stark reality check for us. We were proud of our bodies and compassionate toward their new shape and appearance, but we’re not ashamed to admit we didn’t like our stretch marks.

While searching for products to treat them, we struggled to find any that were rooted in science and even discovered we were being marketed products proven clinically ineffective, like cocoa butter. There were many brands spouting big claims, but very few that were rooted in science strong enough to be published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

So that’s where we started. Our hero ingredient, TECA™ has the strongest evidence in clinical journals to both prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. And unsurprisingly, our Redefining Stretch Mark Cream is having astounding results – not only does it actually minimise the appearance of stretch marks in the long-run, but it instantly plumps and smooths their appearance for instant bikini-worthy confidence.

We can honestly say this cream has enabled us to love our bodies more than ever, and we’re confident it will for you too.

Madeline and Meg, Co-founders

Meet Madeline

Before co-founding Striā Lab, Madeline co-created Pore Favor which has helped over 75k acne sufferers achieve their dream of clear skin. She is adept at combining science with skincare to formulate products which solve real problems. After experiencing stretch marks during her pregnancy, her next venture was a no-brainer.

Meet Meg

Beauty veteran, Meg Gordon co-founded Striā Lab after founding and selling award-winning Aussie beauty brand, Beached. With a passion for creating clean, eco-friendly, solutions-focused products, Meg knows skincare, she knows how to formulate, and she has first-hand experience with stretch marks.