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Stretch markMicroneedling Tool£25.00

Stretch markMicroneedling Tool

Featuring 540 1.5mm fine needles, made from premium titanium, our Microneedling Tool has been specially designed to penetrate deep stretch mark scarring in order to stimulate collagen and elastin production to help the skin rebuild. 

Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, microneedling is recommended alongside our topical products to maximise their dermal penetration.

Featuring 540 1.5mm fine needles to penetrate deep stretch mark scarring, stimulate collagen production & help the skin rebuild.

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Several studies have proved the effectiveness of microneedling in the treatment of stretch marks, especially over other modalities. The following studies were based on 3 sessions using a 1.5mm microneedling tool/dermaroller at 4-week intervals.

Park et al. conducted a study on 16 Korean women with stretch marks. Three months after the last treatment, all patients showed improved skin texture, tightness, and colour, with an “excellent” improvement noted for seven of the patients.

In addition, in studies by Khater et al. and Nassar et al. microneedling was effective on 90% of patients, compared to 50% in the laser-treated and microdermabrasion-treated groups.

Therefore, you can expect to see results from our microneedling tool following three sessions at 4-week intervals, if not sooner.


Hagag, M., Samaka, R., Mahmoud, H. (2019). Role of microneedling in treatment of patients with striae distensae. Menoufia Medical Journal. 32: 756-762. https://www.mmj.eg.net/article.asp?issn=1110-2098;year=2019;volume=32;issue=3;spage=756;epage=762;aulast=Hagag#ref10

Khater MH, Khattab FM, Abdelhaleem MR. (2016). Treatment of striae distensae with needling therapy versus CO2 fractional laser. J Cosmet Laser Ther. 18:75–79.

Nassar A, Ghomey S, El Gohary Y, El-Desoky F. (2016). Treatment of striae distensae with needling therapy versus microdermabrasion with sonophoresis. J Cosmet Laser Ther. 18:330–334.

Park KY, Kim HK, Kim SE, Kim BJ, Kim MN. (2012). Treatment of striae distensae using needling therapy: a pilot study. Dermatol Surg. 38:1823–1828.

Use weekly or vary intervals depending on your skin's recovery time.

Before use:
Sterilise your roller before each use.

During use:
Apply serum of choice. Use mild pressure and roll slowly 5-10 times in each direction over stretch marks – vertically, horizontally, diagonally each way. 

After use:
Apply our ‘Redefining Stretch Mark Cream’.


  • Don’t share your roller with anyone

  • Don’t use your roller over wounds or the following skin conditions: irritated or infected skin, acne, rosacea, eczema, raised moles or warts, psoriasis, or keratosis.

  • If you experience skin sensitivity, stop using immediately and consult a doctor

  • Store roller in the supplied box for safety and hygiene purposes

  • Keep out of reach of children

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Multi-award winner

Experience the power of our award-winning range. Tried, tested, and endorsed by industry experts.

Multi-award winner

Tried, tested and endorsed by industry experts.

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Permanent results - after 3 months of using our Stretch Mark Cream
Instant results - after 10 minutes of using our Stretch Mark Cream


You can expect to see results following three sessions at 4-week intervals, if not sooner. This is based on the clinical studies referenced in the 'Results' section above.

Yes; however we recommend using it alongside our topical products to make the most of the dermal penetration.

Why you'll love it

  • Made from premium titanium for longer needle life

  • Microneedles are 1.5mm in length, in line with the clinical trials which prove the efficacy of this treatment

  • This treatment is backed by the strongest clinical evidence

Stretch MarkTreatment Kit
Stretch MarkTreatment Kit
Experience the ultimate transformation with our multi-award winning kit and unlock the power of our clinically proven Redefining Stretch Mark Cream and Microneedling Tool.
Multi-award winning Stretch Mark Treatment Kit, clinically proven to deliver IMMEDIATE and LONG-TERM results.

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