Our key ingredient for addressing body contour is Actigym™ – a multi-award-winning Bermudian marine plankton extract, proven to mimic the effect of endurance exercise training by increasing adiponectin release and mitochondrial activity (key to the metabolic effects on skeletal muscle).

In a 28-day in vivo study on a group of 60 participants, Actigym™ visibly reduced abdomen contour by up to 2.9cm, and up to 3.1cm when combined with exercise. Thigh and arm contour were also reduced up to 2.1 cm and 1.3 cm respectively.

As such, if your diet remains consistent, you can expect to see results in 28 days, especially if combined with exercise. However, please note the degree of contour reduction will vary person to person, and this product aims to tackle stretch marks first and foremost.


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