Our innovative formula tackles stretch marks in two ways:

1) Instant results: Over a 10-30 minute period, the cream is clinically proven to:

- Fade and plump the look of stretch marks

- Firm and tighten the skin's appearance

- Promote more refined-looking skin

*Based on a user trial of 30 participants


2) Long-term results: Our formula is powered by TECA™ for its stretch mark minimising properties. In an independent study of 40 participants with stretch marks, the TECA™ formulation reduced the length of stretch marks by 26%, compared to 3%, and the width by 40%, compared to 6% after three months. It was also twice as effective at reducing the intensity of colour of the stretch marks compared to the placebo during this period.

While this was a three-month study, results can also be seen much quicker. Some users have reported a permanent reduction in the appearance of their stretch marks in as little as 2-4 weeks; however, we recommend a minimum 12-week treatment – in line with the clinical trial – to maximise results.


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