Not only can treating stretch marks be a long and difficult journey, it can be an expensive one too! We don't want you to have to waste any money on a solution that doesn't work and because we're so confident that ours will, we provide a money-back guarantee.

It is important that you please read the below terms and conditions to ensure the process is followed and in the unlikely event that you need to action a claim that you do not miss out: 

To qualify for the guarantee you must be a customer in the UK or Australia and have been using the products for a full 90-day period as per the directions. This is because it can sometimes take this long for results to show. We do not guarantee the instant pluming and smoothing effects of the Redefining Stretch Mark Cream as this is a temporary benefit.

Items protected under the guarantee are: 

  • Up to 3 tubes of our Redefining Stretch Mark Cream
  • A single Stretch Mark Microneedling Tool

      The cost will be refunded in line with how it was purchased (individual, subscription or bundles)

      You'll need to contact us by email on within 1 week of the end of a 90-day period after purchasing your first product. We cannot perform guarantees past this date, and we are not able to provide the guarantee after more purchases.

      After emailing us, you will receive a simple returns form to fill out - it is important that you also retain all used/empty bottles because these may need to be returned to us. We do this to prevent unauthorised resale and don't worry, we never re-sell returned items, instead we will dispose of them safely. 

      The postage costs for returning the bottles is the responsibility of the customer and is non-refundable. If you have any further questions or you need further clarification please contact us on

      All conditions of the guarantee are subject to change and is offered by Stri
      ā Lab in good faith. The guarantee can be cancelled by an agent without approval of the buyer and Striā Lab withholds the right to cancel any guarantee without question or approval.


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