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Clinically proven to fade and plump the appearance of stretch marks after just one use!

Meanwhile, our hero ingredient TECA™ gets to work for long-term results. In an independent study of 40 participants with stretch marks, the TECA™ formulation reduced the length of stretch marks by 26%, compared to 3%, and the width by 40%, compared to 6% after three months. It was also twice as effective at reducing the intensity of colour of the stretch marks compared to the placebo.

Our cream also helps reduce the contour of stomachs, thighs and arms, thanks to clinically proven Actigym™.

Our formula is powered by clinically proven actives at high-performing doses and is infused with probiotics, active peptides, essential Vitamins and ceramides.

1% TECA™
Clinically proven to reduce the size, colour and texture of stretch marks. Used at its maximum recommended dose. 

Proven to mimic the effects of endurance exercise and improve the appearance of body contour definition. Used at its maximum recommended dose. 

2% 3-o-ethyl ascorbic acid
A more stable Vitamin C derivative to L-ascorbic acid, with an enhanced ability to transport through the skin. The original skin brightener. 

1.5% Polyglutamic Acid and 1% Hyaluronic Acid
Help skin retain water and keep it hydrated and plump.

1% Probiotics
Two types of probiotics help restore the skin’s balance, renew the skin barrier and lessen skin sensitivity.

1% Vitamin E
An essential antioxidant to protect skin.

1% Vitamin B3
Niacinamide, used as a potent anti-inflammatory.

0.03% Peptides and Ceramides
Four peptides and an exceptionally pure ceramide to maintain moisture balance and promote production of collagen.

25.3% other antioxidant-rich plant extracts

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Apply to your stretch marks and gently massage in a circular motion until fully absorbed. You may start to feel a warming sensation. Use twice daily for 12 weeks to see maximum benefits.

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  • “The silky cream has a ‘silk stocking’ effect to blur out imperfections instantly.”

  • “A powerful product for those who want to invest in treating their little lines.”

  • “The red, angry stretch marks on my stomach are already paler in colour and less pronounced in depth.”

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Dr Enrizza


"This is the answer you've been searching for. I've been treating stretch marks for over a decade now, and I can tell you no other product gives these results."


  • Clinically proven to instantly plump and fade the look of stretch marks, while our actives get to work to treat your stretch marks in the long-term
  • Enjoy body contouring benefits
  • Our actives are backed by the strongest clinical evidence to ensure results

Over a 10-30 minute period, the cream is clinically proven to fade and plump the look of stretch marks and firm and tighten the skin's appearance. This is a temporary effect while our key ingredient TECA™ gets to work. Over a 12-week period, it is proven to reduce the size and colour of stretch marks by up to 40%, but many customers report improvements much sooner than this.


Our key ingredient for addressing body contour is Actigym™ – a multi-award-winning Bermudian marine plankton extract, proven to mimic the effect of endurance exercise training by increasing adiponectin release and mitochondrial activity (key to the metabolic effects on skeletal muscle).

In a 28-day in vivo study on a group of 60 participants, Actigym™ visibly reduced abdomen contour by up to 2.9cm, and up to 3.1cm when combined with exercise. Thigh and arm contour were also reduced up to 2.1 cm and 1.3 cm respectively.

As such, if your diet remains consistent, you can expect to see results in 28 days, especially if combined with exercise. However, please note the degree of contour reduction will vary person to person, and this product aims to tackle stretch marks first and foremost.


Lipotec. (2019). ACTIGYM™ Marine Ingredient Technical Report.

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